Is It Legal to Buy Essays Online?

The debate on the legality of buying essays online is on a rise right now. Some argue that buying academic papers online is illegal and immoral, others argue that there is no direct prohibition against it. In truth, the answer to that question is somewhere in between. At the moment it is not illegal to buy essays online. Hence, such activities are in the grey zone.
Clients who order essays can use the received work in any way they please. So, the further destiny of a paper is not the responsibility of custom writing services. Most universities consider custom written essays equal to plagiarism, though it is not fully accurate. Most professional academic writing services will never serve a plagiarized paper as their final product. Hence, it only shows that most universities have not yet come with the specific categorization of custom written papers. This leaves a big gap in the moral and legal side of the issue.
Moreover, many students can use paper writing helper just for assignment assistance. Such services often help students to edit their papers, make the first drafts, or write an outline among other services. Sometimes students have trouble with understanding the requirements or requests set by their professors. Hence, they turn to the only option they feel like they have - custom writing services. With the help of the professionals, a student may improve their own writing and edit a paper in accordance with their professor's request. Though, the question whether buying services of such kind is also illegal remains.
In truth, it is impossible to answer how much of individual work a single paper consists of. Students consult with each other, ask opinions of their professors and friends. Editing, for one, is a part of writing that can be done by numerous people without any knowledge or consent from a professor. It is a common assumption that paying for any academic work is illegal. Well, what if the work on a paper was done by other people, but done completely for free. Is that illegal too? It is hard to tell since there are no strict regulations about the extent of individual work on academic papers. Moreover, is it cheating when a student asks for help? Is it cheating when there are other people involved in a student's work? Should academia encourage cooperation among students? Shouldn't it be a place of debate, discussion, and open communication? If yes, then paying for essay help can't be too different from getting similar help for free. Academia shouldn't discourage people from getting any help at all.
In reality, there is not much to tell about the legal side of the issue yet. Thus far, it is a poorly researched area. The notion itself is rather new. Never before in history, it's been so easy to purchase an essay. The internet has changed a lot of rules and patterns, academia is only one of them. In the end, it is up to each student individually to decide whether he or she considers buying essays online legal or acceptable. The next time you wonder, "should I pay someone to write my paper?", you may consider the arguments enlisted above.