Awakens the soul

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our mind” The Notebook. There are two types of love that we as people have conformed too: courtly love and modern love. When people hear the word love, they automatically assume it has the same meaning or has to be shown in the same way, but that’s not always the case. Even though some people think all love is the same love, courtly love, and modern love are distinctly different in their everyday meanings, rules, and characteristics.
Courtly love is love that many people in the middle ages brought into existence. Courtly love is a medieval European conception of love that highlighted chivalry. Courtly love in the medieval era was set on strict rules and guidelines that were to be followed. Some of the rules that are attached to courtly love are: one who is jealous cannot love, and when made in public love rarely endures. These were some of the rules that men had to follow, or their love would be questioned on whether it was really genuine. The characteristics of men who showed courtly love was considered to be chivalry. Chivalry was a code of conduct that knights or men were expected to rise up to. Chivalry emphasized honor, loyalty, and men showing courtesy toward women. A man opening up every door for a woman, and a man who praises and worships his beloved are some characteristics of courtly love. As the years have passed, courtly love has slowly started to blemish and fade away.
Modern love can be described as loving whoever you want and however you want. Everyone in today’s society has their own standards and idea of what their perfect love would be. Love is freedom in today’s society. There are no set rules that must be followed in order for love to be considered real love. Love today is time and patience. Modern love lets one be free to pick and choose the person they want to love and the person they want to spend forever with. In this era, there is no set time when you have to be married. In modern love, you can take as much time as needed to build a strong empire with someone. Love in this day and age starts off with being close friends and then turning into something greater. A man taking his beloved on dates, buying her cute little gifts, and posting her on social media are all characteristics of modern-day love. Modern day love is what people have put into full force.

Courtly love and modern love is love that comes from two different backgrounds but is slightly the same. These two types of love both have something in common. No matter if is shown through courtly love or modern love, everyone wants to feel loved. No matter what type of love we as people resort too, love is still going to be love one way or the other.